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ABBYY Lingvo x6 EU

Version of the popular and convenient dictionary for translation from European languages! ABBYY Lingvo x6 European Offers many functions for high-quality professional translation of words and phrases, and also has an extensive lexical base. ABBYY Lingvo x6 dictionaries will always help you quickly learn the translation of unfamiliar words of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Finnish. ABBYY Lingvo x6 is an excellent assistant in the study of languages ​​thanks to the English grammar course from Oxford University Press and the application for memorizing the words ABBYY Tutor. With the latest version Vocabulary ABBYY Lingvo x6 European you will get the following features

  • Translation from 9 European languages. Translate from English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Finnish into Russian and vice versa.
  • Listening to the pronunciation of words by the native speaker.
  • Quick search for the meaning of idioms and stable expressions, as well as the opportunity to see examples of the use of words in modern dictionaries of general vocabulary, phraseological dictionaries, slang dictionaries and phrase books.
  • Save time when searching for a translation! Having bought ABBYY Lingvo x6, you definitely appreciate the simple interface of the program and the improved translation functions for homing. Functions of autocompletion and convenient display of variants at incorrect input of a word also do work with the program fast and comfortable.
  • Included in the English Dictionary Oxford Dictionary of English and the Collins Cobuild training dictionary will allow you to learn detailed interpretations of words taking into account the current English vocabulary.
  • Oxford’s “Test it, Fix it” grammar course (for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels). By purchasing ABBYY Lingvo x6, you can improve your knowledge of English and conduct self-study on a “learn from your mistakes” principle.
  • Expand your vocabulary for any of the languages ​​represented in the program with the ABBYY Tutor application. With the help of special exercises included in the application, you can memorize the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of words.
  • Updated dictionaries. The vocabulary for English has been supplemented with several thousand words and expressions, including the most modern vocabulary, and a significantly expanded Spanish-Russian dictionary.

Differences between versions ABBYY Lingvo x6 European: Home version: Includes general, educational, grammatical, explanatory dictionaries and phrase books. 23 dictionaries. In addition, it is possible to purchase thematic dictionaries des.txt en_metadesc.txt en_name.txt log.txt meta_desc.txt name.txt ru_des.txt ru_name.txt tmpdesc2.txt tmpdesc3.txt tmpdesc4.txt tmpdesc5.txt tmpdesc6.txt tmpdesc7.txt tmpdesc.txt tmpresult.txt tmptrans.txt transresult.txt ABBYY Lingvo.

Professional version: Includes 92 thematic dictionaries on medicine, law, oil and gas, chemistry, covering the most popular and relevant topics of the modern world, as well as all dictionaries of the Home version.

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– cars
– banking
– business
– Biology
– Accounting
– Computer Engineering
– art
– marketing
– mechanical engineering
– medicine
– oil and gas
– patents and trademarks
– policy
– programming
– psychology
– radio electronics
– Sports
– building
– telecommunications
– equipment
– physics
– finance
– economics
– electronics
– jurisprudence Age restrictions: 18

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