Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard

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Product information “Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard

A Microsoft SQL Server 2017  provides user-based access to the internationally popular database management system SQL Server. The license holder can run the software on a company’s different devices. In this way, important business processes can be handled optimally. Various modern database engine functions enable the efficient evaluation and storage of company data. Among other features, SQL Server 2017 has an
automatic database optimization to help users better understand and solve any query performance problems. The database software represents an extremely low vulnerability because it protects stored and transferred data in such a way that established institutions such as the security risk database of the National Institute of Standards and Technology have been rewarding this for years.

More choice than ever before

The 2017 version of SQL Server makes it possible to use some Linux distributions in addition to Windows. The interchangeable Java Database Connectivity driver is important in this context. In addition, a company’s IT professionals can now develop applications to run in Windows, Linux and Docker containers using the programming language of their choice. Buying Microsoft SQL Server 2017 User CAL enables company employees to gain transformative insights. The integration of Python and R can make up to a million predictions per second possible. Graph databases are also new in the current version of SQL Server 2017. Users can use mobile end-to-end BI as needed. Raw data can be converted into useful reports that are displayed on various devices.

Complex analyses and database features in Microsoft SQL Server 2017 User CAL

With a SQL Server 2017 user license, an employee can use far-reaching features such as PolyBase for T-SQL queries in Hadoop. Advanced in-database analytics also improve workflows. Furthermore, the programmers of a company benefit from the temporal tables possible since SQL Server 2016 and the support of JSON as well as diagram data. The analysis services (SSAS) for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 have also been further improved. Among other things, a tabular mode was introduced as a standardised installation option for SSAS. If desired, empty elements can be hidden in hierarchies or new data sources can be used with Get Data. This supports existing data sources for M queries.

Purchasing Microsoft SQL Server 2017 User CAL

The standard edition of SQL Server 2017 can have access-based licensing. In medium-sized companies, a server/CAL licensing is usually cheaper than one based on processor cores. The number of company employees who will access the database software needs to be specified for the purchase. Finally, each user is assigned a User CAL. CAL stands for Client Access License. Typically, office and administrative staff access SQL Standard Server 2017 from different devices in a company. The counterpart is the Device CAL, the device access license. This is ideal for warehouse PCs and scanners, for example. It should be noted that buying a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 User CAL is not enough. One SQL Server instance per operating system environment (virtual or physical) is also available. At Lizengo, all of these licenses are available in an uncomplicated way. If there is any uncertainty as to whether a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 User CAL is the right choice, the Lizengo team will be happy to help.

At least 2 GHz and 2 cores

At least 4 GB

Hard disc capacity:
At least 6 GB available

At least Super-VGA 800 x 600

Operating system:
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 or Windows 8, Windows 10;
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 or Ubuntu from 16.04
for Linux: Docker Engine 1.8 , 3.25 GB RAM, XFS or EXT4 file system

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