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Panda Dome Premium

Panda Dome Premium is the best product from Panda Security that you can buy, period. It brings to the forefront all of the elements within the Essential, Advanced, and Complete versions of Panda Dome, and puts forward a host of neat additions of its own that really make the antimalware suite shine. Whether you are looking to stay safe against virulent strains of malware or ransomware, safeguard your kids from online threats, or unlock geo-restricted content online, Panda Dome Premium does all of that without breaking a sweat. Time to dive in and check what it has to offer in more detail.

Panda Dome Premium

One-stop Panda Dome Premium user interface.

Malware and Ransomware Protection

When it comes to protecting your devices from malware and ransomware, Panda Dome Premium is just the tool that you need. The anti-malware utility deploys multiple live shields to catch malicious threats red-handed in real-time, and makes use of advanced heuristics to detect abnormal behavioral patterns as a means to thwart dangerous zero-day threats. Furthermore, Panda Dome Premium also deploys dedicated anti-ransomware technologies to block ransomware from encrypting sensitive data. The suite works not just on Windows, but also on macOS, which means comprehensive protection across desktops. And complimentary versions of the software is also available for Android and iOS for even more security.

Wi-Fi and USB Protection

Panda Dome Premium doesn’t just protect you from malware and ransomware — it also ensures that you aren’t subject to direct security vulnerabilities. It does this with the help of multiple features, notably Wi-Fi Protection, USB Protection, and Safe Browsing. In short, Wi-Fi Protection actively notifies you of any security vulnerabilities when connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots while you are out and about — this prevents hackers and malicious applications from infiltrating your device. USB Protection, on the other hand, ensures that no spyware, trojans, or rootkits gain a backdoor to your PC or Mac via USB devices. Smart Browsing wraps things up neatly by blocking known phishing sites, thus preventing you from falling victim to personal information theft.

Complimentary Toolset

Panda Dome Premium isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill antivirus suite. In fact, it truly goes over and beyond in terms of security with three complementary tools in the form of Data Shield, Password Manager, and Cleanup Tool. To be brief, Data Shield actively secures sensitive applications from information theft, such as cached data in web browsers. Password Manager works a treat when it comes to the overall security of your passwords, where you can easily manage them all in one place. And when it comes to boosting the speed of your desktop, you have Cleanup Tool, which you can use to go on file cleaning sprees, defragment hard drive partitions, or disable unwanted startup applications. Overall, you will find all three tools quite useful in day-to-day usage.

Panda Dome Premium

Password Depot – just one of the many tools that you get.

Parental Controls

If you have kids around, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Panda Dome Premium also comes packing with a set of parental management controls. From just one simple management console, you can easily go about blocking your kids from accessing unwanted websites. You can either block select sites directly or impose restrictions on certain types of content (hate speech, instant messaging, gambling, etc.) with the use of preset categories. You can check in-depth the various activities of your children to determine how much time they’ve spent on any one site or category so that you can better determine how you must go about imposing limits the next time around.

Comprehensive VPN Support

If all of what you get above isn’t enough, then the inclusion of VPN support should really make your day. And no — it isn’t the scaled-down free VPN included in Panda Dome’s Essential, Advanced, or Complete either. What you get is the full-fledged version of Panda Dome VPN Premium, which just phenomenal. Using the VPN server is so simple that all you really need to do is pick a server and click Connect. Using a VPN server has numerous advantages — not only is it a phenomenal way to preserve your privacy thanks to the comprehensive encryption used to establish your connection, but you can also access geo-restricted content quite easily.

Premium Customer Support

No matter how great or intuitive an anti-malware utility really is, you will most likely run into an issue dealing with a technicality sooner or later. And that’s why customer support is so important. And in that department, Panda Dome Premium really goes above and beyond with the inclusion of premium customer support. Thanks to this, you gain access to a dedicated around-the-clock customer support team that will gladly help you out no matter what issue it is that you want help with. Whether you ran into an issue installing Panda Dome Premium or just want to get an answer to a general query, you can count of Panda Dome Premium’s army of security experts to deliver.

Well Worth the Money

Panda Dome Premium is a terrific antivirus suite that is well worth the money spent. The sheer amount of features and tools that you get in addition to being protected from all sorts of malware and ransomware is just astounding. And the unlimited VPN support and premium customer support should really seal the deal for anyone serious about their security. Buy Panda Dome Premium today for an absolute protective experience.

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