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PureVPN is a commercial virtual private network service owned by GZ Systems Ltd. Founded in 2007, the company is based in Hong Kong. PureVPN allows users to select from four categories: Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, and File Sharing.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that is constructed using public wires — usually the internet — to connect remote users or regional offices to a company’s private, internal network.

What Is a VPN and How Does It Help Me?
In very simple terms, a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer (called a server) somewhere on the internet, and allows you to browse the internet using that computer’s internet connection. So if that server is in a different country, it will appear as if you are coming from that country, and you can potentially access things that you couldn’t normally.

PureVPN: 2 Year Subscription | StackSocial

So how does this help you? Good question! You can use a VPN to:

Bypass geographic restrictions on websites or streaming audio and video.
Watch streaming media like Netflix and Hulu.
Protect yourself from snooping on untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots.
Gain at least some anonymity online by hiding your true location.
Protect yourself from being logged while torrenting.
Many people these days are using a VPN for torrenting or bypassing geographic restrictions to watch content in a different country. They are still very useful for protecting yourself while working at a coffee shop, but that’s hardly the only use anymore.

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